What is the cost of LMS? – Refer Pricing Guide

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What is the cost of LMS? – Refer Pricing Guide

What is the cost of LMS? – Refer Pricing Guide

Wanna know more about LMS pricing model? Then this blog is for you. Have a look.

There are so many cloud-based services in the market which offer LMS systems, and they charge you monthly for their subscriptions. To avoid this cost, you can build your learning management system, which will help you more in controlling your LMS needs.

Thus, you can build your own LMS with CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or develop it by using Custom Development on PHP frameworks like Laravel. Based on your budget, time frame, and future plans, you can decide on your platform.

Limited budget with a short timeframe: If you have a low budget ranging from USD 500-2000, you can start with WordPress, including LMS plugins like LearnDash, LearnPress, etc. Envato/ Themeforest has a wide range of good templates that are available for ready to use. One may use it as a base for development. Customization can be done as per user needs.

Vimeo/Youtube or recorded content as files can be uploaded within the WordPress LMS systems, which have a wide range of settings.

  1. Flexible budget with long term goals to scale it up 
    People who generate content regularly should go with the long-term plan and use platforms like the Laravel PHP Framework, which provides scalability and flexibility for storing huge amounts of content and can be flexible as per user needs.
    Most common LMS pricing methods:

    • Per learner, per month: This is the most common payment option. This figure is calculated based on the total number of users who are actively enrolled in these courses. The initial service fee of creating an account is also charged. Sometimes vendors ask the payment to be made annually even though prices are broken down monthly. The fee is generally $5 or less per learner.
    • Per learner, peruse: LMS can include more features and tools than a company needs. Per learner peruse, the option allows the client to pay for only what they are using. This means charging based on the number of active accounts or the modules used. The price range is $1 to $10 per learner peruse.
    • Per course: Some vendors have a pay per course option for employees who need special certification for jobs. This pricing option has the benefits of per learner, peruse, but the prices are different for specialized courses.
    • Licensing fee: Many companies install LMS software on-premise. For this, they need to purchase a license. The licensing fee can be paid annually, or you can pay the entire fee at once. The fee generally ranges from $500 to $20,000. The setup can cost you $25,000. This model works best for midsized or large businesses that have a data center.

Some Final Words

Now that you know all about LMS’s pricing structure, it is time to hire the best developers as per your specific requirements. Cosmonaut Technologies is the top company with all professional developers who can help you in getting a top-notch LMS in no time.