How much does WooCommerce website development cost in 2020

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How much does WooCommerce website development cost in 2020

How much does WooCommerce website development cost in 2020

WooCommerce website development has been in great demand lately. Let us see the scenario for 2020.

If you are looking to set up an online store with WooCommerce, you can be up and running in no time. Without knowing much about WooCommerce and its hidden fees and costs of running a store online, it can be difficult to manage the project. But if you have the entire budget planned, you will be well aware of the features and the costs you have to pay for them. You can have access to plenty of features and add-ons.

How much does WooCommerce store development cost?

WooCommerce is the best online platform to run an online store. The best part is that these services are 100% free, so you might be wondering what additional costs and fees we are talking about. Basically Woocommerce is FREE, where the user does not require to purchase anything other than the hosting and the domain name to get started.

Domain name:

Every website requires a domain name, but sometimes you may find them for cheap in a sale. A .com URL can cost around $10 annually. Some providers also provide a free domain for the first year, but after the first year, you will have to pay $10-20 annually for it.


You may find the cheapest hosts for around $5-10 per month, while the premium ones can be for $30-40 per month. You have many options for choosing your providers. You can also have a free SSL certificate, but it should be validated. But these certificates may cost nearly $20, which is another price to consider.


WordPress sites require a theme. If you go for WooCommerce website development, you can find quality free WooCommerce themes. Premium themes can attract you as well, which will nearly cost you around $60. Those looking for the best place to buy the themes, can consider ‘ThemeForest’.


Additional features of WooCommerce are referred to as extensions, which may include payment and shipping options. These are some invaluable additions that are required to be made in an online store. WooCommerce payments do not charge any monthly fees. However, the transaction fees may cost you around 2.9% for every product you buy with a US credit or debit card. An additional 1% fee is charged for international cards. Also, WooCommerce has different shipping labels, which range from $0-299/year.


Plugins are the less essential extensions and are completely optional that can be added to engage more customers at your WooCommerce store. There are many plugins to choose from, which can be entirely free or paid plugins.


You can set up an online WooCommerce store for under $100 annually. But still, hiring excellent WooCommerce developers mark the huge success of your store. Cosmonaut Technologies has some of the most experienced and proficient WooCommerce developers. You can get the best store developed most affordably..